Earth Creator

Exclusively for Final Cut Pro

Earth Creator for Apple’s Final Cut Pro takes the hassle out of Earth Animations.

In just a few minutes, you can create your own stunning and professional-looking animated video.


"Fantastic new template!"

Vince Morris

Video Creator - Entrepreneur

Video Tutorials:

Earth Zoom In

Getting Started

This video will show you how to get started with the Earth Zoom In Title Template inside of Final Cut Pro.

We can find the Earth Zoom In Template inside of the Titles Browser.

Earth Transition

Go from place to place

Show your travels in style with the Earth Location to Location Transition. 

 Control where you start, where you end, Earth Style, colors and more.

Animation Controls

Take control of your flight

Change the start & target location. Change the direction of the earth and and axis of rotation. Then, control the amount of blur and clouds in the transition.

Plus, there are extra controls to make the flight more dynamic.

Bonus Customization

More control, More Fun

Make this animation yours by by adjusting the large number of controls.  Control the amount of clouds and movement, night amount, marker types and much more.

"I bought it. 4 Minutes later I had animated a cool Earth Zoom into New Orleans for my new Documentary: 'A Year In The Pit' "

John M. Woody

Producer / Educator

"A Year In The Pit" Documentary

Customer Example Video

Watch full trailer >

Image Gallery:

"I'm a total novice and the application is very easy to learn. Thanks!"

Peadar James O'Conner

Video Creator - Chief Vagabond

Product Description

Earth Creator incorporates a broad range of features that make it a valuable asset for any project including animation, video, presentation design, or even just as a creative outlet.

Whether to show off to friends, impress a client, or share your vacation with the world, Earth Creator is sure to get you noticed. If you are looking for that perfect video for your video creation Earth Creator has you covered. It is perfect for use in education, travel blogs, or anything else where you would need an earth animation!

Gain the upper hand in your video editing game with Earth Creator!

Technical Specifications

Supported Software: Final Cut Pro 10.5

Download Size: 125 MB

Resolutions: 4K Ready

Frame Rate: All Frame Rates


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