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Norm Dorosh
Norm Dorosh

“I am glad and grateful to have found your site!”

“I can tell you have put in a lot of love and time into
these templates and plugins and I know that what you are offering to people with your donations
is quite remarkable.

It is pretty courageous of you to offer designers the choice of donating to a great cause.

I hope you never shut down your site.

It took me no longer than 2 minutes before I knew you had something special to offer designers who are always looking for ways to enhance the quality of their videos.

I have nothing but admiration for you and what you just did.

Good luck and I sure hope to see what you do in the future because you have so much to offer to those looking for video enhancements.

I cannot wait to see what you create next.

Please keep inspiring us with your talent and we will keep supporting you.

Thanks, Deyson.
You are the best!

– Norm Dorosh

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Kind words by these amazing people!

Thank you!

I'm using your "Parallax Creator" for FCPX to create a spot for an international car brand on national TV. Thanks for making the plugin! I like it a lot!

All I can say is that it is very interesting and a MAJOR time saving for editors like me..

We can spend hours and hours to make templates and it adds to the bill for our customers. So, at the price you offer this, it becomes non logical for us to spend all that time and charge our client for something they are not oblidge to pay.

It works like magic!! Thanks soooo much!

You have the best Final Cut effects anywhere.

I haven't got as quick, perfect and wonderful service as yours ever ! Very grateful to have found your templates

Motion Master Templates Thank you so, so much! And of course, thank you for letting me use your work!

I just purchased a membership to your store and I am looking forward to using your templates and to see what's in store in the time to come.

Med venlig hilsen/Kind Regards

Customer Headshot of Judy Bogad
Judy Smith Bogad

"Deyson and his products have been a lifesaver for my business.

The product templates have saved me hours of production time and improved the quality of my work. I can channel more time on creativity and not have to build effects. Clients have made requests and I’ve been able to find products that were perfect fits. If he doesn’t have the exact template that I need he offers suggestions on how I can adapt existing products.

I could find templates at a number of places but Deyson’s service and personal attention are excellent. He promptly responds to emails which are extremely helpful. I have not received such attention from any other provider."

Denis Michaud

Thanks for your very usefull templates and keep on the good work!

Great plugin and the explanation video was very helpful.

I only wish I would’ve seen this 2 weeks ago before I spent many hours trying to do this in Motion and After Effects!

Keep up the great work.

I love it! I recently purchased my membership...the templates work great! Thanks for all of the help too!

"I will be talking about your great products!! Several of my clients have found the graphics very appealing, easy to see, and thankful for having customizable options. Your work is meticulous and very creative! Thanks again."

Deyson, I have to tell you I have downloaded all your free templates and they are among the most useful templates I have ever downloaded. I am signing up for a year's membership. It is WELL worth it!! Thank you for designing these terrific templates! I have only been using FCPX about 4 months and although I have Motion I don't have a clue how to use it, so I am very grateful to have found your templates.”

Keith Woolford

Ridiculously good FCPX templates at a ridiculously good price! Look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Teresa Romani
Video Creator

I am thrilled with my purchase and have been using it in many projects. And of course, I love the excellent customer service!

Patrik Karlström
Patrik Karlström

I have been very happy with the purchase and your support. I had been looking for templates for over a week but had a hard time finding any of the type i was looking for, and for a fair price like yours too. Always happy if I have the possibility to buy from small businesses as well.

Motion Master Templates have been in my library for years and you continue to make the best!!!

Rodolfo Elgert
Creador de video

Deseo agradecerte nuevamente por tu motivación y que me hayas permitido instalar la Aplicación con la cual deseo trabajar.

I loved the template. We do sports recaps here at our school and we were looking for something just like your template for Final Cut Pro. This was tremendous!

You make quality templates including the free ones. Thank you.

David Brown

These templates are excellent. They are clever and visually attractive and provide many options to customize the look. Effective tutorials describing their features and options are available.

I look forward to using your templates, it'll take my post production to the next level.
Love the motion graphics, thanks!

What I can tell you is that "I liked your creativity" I am so glad I found your work.

I have been doing video editing over 5yrs but I never came across to someone who makes templates for Final Cut Pro. I specialize on creating Video intro/opening and video promos only.

I found your website while I was searching for the tutorials on how to create Final Cut Pro X templates. I am so glad I found you.

AWESOME, that is the only way to describe the unbelievable service Deyson provides.
He is an exceptional service focussed professional and should be an example to all the "other" so-called professionals who claim to be customer orientated.
Deyson, THANK You so much.

Paul Kolodziejczyk
Paul Kolodziejczyk
Owner of Lunatic-Bits

In this times it is not usual to get feedback from the stores. This increases my good opinion of your company.

I was searching for some days after templates for a hobby project in good quality and I can tell, it is very hard to filter all this cr*p out there. So I was very happy to find your store and get there the product I was searching for.
I am very satisfied with my purchase. It was definitly what I wanted.

Larry Arbanas

I am still learning how to become a better editor and have been using
fcpx since day 1. Your templates are going to be a big help, so I'm
thanking you in advance for the generosity and opportunity to join the

Visually your site is very clean and simple...very helpful for someone
like me who doesn't fare well with cluttered pages.

Really not looking for a reply, just want to say thanks, Deyson.

"When I was looking to expand from the stock Final Cut Pro transitions and effects I came across Motion Master Templates. I really love what Deyson comes up with and it always seems his new releases match what I need in a project at that time. The templates are top-notch and Deyson offers the best customer service on the planet."

I purchased the Social Pack plugin and it is fantastic! Great work! I love it! This plugin has so much in it, you added a ton of parameters, you really thought this project through.
I wish I would have found you a long time ago . . . I see no need to be shopping all over the internet when you have all I need right here.
Just want to say a great job and thank you.
Also, you have super support and your tutorials are extremely well done - they are tops!

Scott Chism
Scott Chism
Medinah Baptist Church

These templates are so helpful in doing simple things that yield great results. Your products here and personal support are so encouraging. I trust others will appreciate all you do.

Stefano Laguzzi

Beautiful site for those who use FINAL CUT PRO X. Moreover, the developer, very kind, answers you and gives you professional assistance .. I highly recommend it. GREAT DEYSON!

Thanks everyone at Motion Master - I appreciate the excellent work you do to make me look good.

I really like what you've done with your site and hope you're experiencing the success you deserve. You are very talented!

Brian Sass
Motion Master Templates Customer

The templates are fun and useful and the membership deal is hard to resist. All templates for one low price

I was very pleased with our purchase of the 'jigsaw puzzle' template from Motion Master Templates, as well as the service provided.

In fact, the template worked beautifully incorporated as part of our project, so much so, that some of our business clients in Europe and the US, have commented on how much they liked it.

Deyson showed a really good service. I explained what I wanted and after a short time, he had made it for me. Quick response to mail, and a good tone. It's not the last time Deyson is going to do something for me, he's very professional.


Excellent customer service and a great overall product!! I love the work you do so it was worth it to me to be a member! Thanks again for all you do!

Hi. I am new to Final Cut Pro and Motion 5. I am thrilled with every template. I have a young grandson and am looking forward to making fun to watch movies of him.

Thank you.

I'm John Perinbam, half of the independent recording duo Gravelle-Perinbam from Ottawa, Canada.

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Polaroid Play template. I used it in our latest production, a music video for our cover of the Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday. If you're interested you can see the video here: https://youtu.be/50t5xh-Ejss.

The video has been out since last Friday and already has over 18k views - that may not be much for some, but for us independent artists with zero budget, that's fantastic.

Again, thanks for an excellent product that was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Feel free to use any of this email as a testimonial.

Best regards,


I love your work and use what I already have a lot.  Thank you very much for all you’ve done.

Kevin Elliot
President • Story World Learning, Inc.

Invaluable and innovative tools, not to mention the best customer service in the business. I’m so grateful for the thoughtfulness, care, precision and, creativity you pour into your work.

"What sets you apart is your approachability and the way you work with your clients - it is outstanding!"

I've been extremely pleased with all the templates I've bought so far ( 9 in total ). The service is top notched as well. Thanks & keep the good stuff coming!:)

My experience with your site and templates was great! I used the templates I purchased as part of a screencasting job and as a result, my client loved the video! Thank you for offering templates at affordable prices so contract workers like myself have access to them.

Thank you again,

I’m very impressed with your work; your plugins are quite useful.

Personal customer service -- much better than most!

Stefano Laguzzi

"Hi Deyson, I bought other plugins on your Store, I am very satisfied."

Deyson, the creator of Motion Master Templates, is a fantastic human being. He and I work in the same industry and I've known him for quite some time now. He's kind and generous with his time and knowledge. He's one of the nicest people that I've ever met.

To me, the quality of the templates are worth the yearly subscription and over the course of the year, you get to download lots of different quality templates. When you break it down it is a very reasonable price for what you get.

Olivere Brown
Technical Director

I am very impressed with Motion Master Templates and its pricing and catalogue. I am very satisfied customer

Michael Mcgriff
Owner of Mmcgriff Productions

As a wedding videographer I find myself using different templates, effects and transitions to complete that one of a kind wedding video for my client. Using the templates from Motion Master Templates has given me some creative ideals for producing my videos. There’s so many to choose from I find myself wondering which one to use. Producing a wedding video these days you have to be creative to impress your client. I edit with Final Cut Pro x and Motion Master Templates is my go to source for templates to edit into my videos.

Janice Jarrell

I have to tell you… not only am I impressed by the quality of your work, but I am blown away by the kindness and professionalism you demonstrate in the video tutorials you provide to explain how your templates work.

I’ve just started with motion and FCPX and I can tell you that you are a rare breed in this new world I’m trying to navigate. I’ve NEVER seen explanations as comprehensive and easy to understand with ANY other site which sells templates.

C. Edward Brice

Thanks so much for the template and awesome tutorial that goes along with it. Will be sure to use.

I love your Final Cut X Templates! Your creative product rocks!

WOW! It’s been quite some time since I’ve had customer service such as you provide!
You seem like a gentleman and a scholar…as the saying goes.

You have come up with some awesome Motion Templates.

Richard Mauro Ricchiuti

I don't do a whole lot of video work. I'm mainly a photographer but these templates make my work more fun when I do. Your work is refreshing.

Thanks for the grandfathered pricing! That's a bonus!

Default Avatar125
Migliori Amici and Co

Awesome, thank you so much! These plug-ins are freakin awesome! already used all three.
My band Migliori Amici and Co just got signed to Sony and I had to make teasers of some of the songs and these worked perfectly and were so easy to use. Especially with the tutorial videos… so helpful!

Everyone is blown away with the teasers and is because of the plugins… took everything to a new level. Keep up the good work. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more very soon, thanks!

Currently I work at a Theme Park in the UK called Lightwater Valley and I make the ride videos etc. I was just looking at funky ways to spice things up a bit without having to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds!

Thank you again Deyson. I'll be visiting your website loads!

Kabrel Geller

Motion Master Templates goes beyond the competition. Not only is the product professional, easy to use, fully customizable and unique, the customer service is unparalleled.  No matter what level of experience you have you can be sure MMT is for you!

Denis Michaud

I really appreciate Deyson’s work, his creativity and deep knowledge of Motion and FCPX. His templates are always very useful in my videos, and they add a creative dimension very appreciated by my customers. I plan to use Slide Show Creator in my next creation.


Well, let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised by Motion Master Templates. I gave a download a try but there was a problem. I clicked on the "contact us" button fully ready to be ignored. What? A return email within a short time from a real person...Deyson.

He totally understood and went to work fixing it. 15 minutes later he emailed me back and said "fixed"...and it was! So, if you have any qualms about this site, rest at ease.

We had an urgent need to be able to display a booklet in a news video and this was a the perfect fit. Downloaded and had it ready to go shortly after -- I am not the most experienced designer with Motion, but this package and tutorial made it easy. Saved the day!

I decided to choose your company after comparing with lots of others. You seemed to offer the best quality/price proportion. Since I like many of your templates it´s hard to tell which one I like best. Some of my favorites: Jumbotron, Elegant Drop, Jigsaw and WebVideo. Looking forward to see all the new templates in the next months! Keep up your fantastic work. Best regards from Germany

Hi Deyson,
Nice to hear from you. I’m really happy with the templates…..a nice range of things I can use across time. Let me know when you have other templates coming along…Thanks again,


Jennifer Stein

I like your templates a lot btw! You give a lot of bang for the buck with your subscription--glad I signed up.

I like that with the subscription I get a lot of variety and can reuse the template if I want in another project. As far as I can tell, you're the only company doing it this way.
Thanks so much--you're very talented!

Kirby Repolido

I am huge fan of your work. You're my mentor!

I've always been impressed with your excellent customer service. It is evident from your included tutorials how much you care about customers having a good experience with your products. You are dedicated to teaching and helping and provide excellent value to us all.

Thanks. Glad to be on-board.

There are some great plugins on the site that are worth checking out

Your templates are very nice and intuitive. You always do excellent work. Very satisfied with your product, customer service and very reasonable pricing.

I am truly impressed with the customer service Motion Master Templates provides. It is just wonderful.

A very satisfied customer!

Yes, service has been great! You definitely care about your customers, great job!  Thanks again for all that you do.

Michele Latorre
imagination 2 manifestation

I joined as a member by the way!!! I love your templates!

Trevor Jones

I have always enjoyed using your templates and the fact I can modify them to suit has been great.
I’m semi-retired and a lot of the videos I do now are to help small organizations so its great to have access to a range of effects and templates that are not too complicated and expensive.
In the past when I’ve had a question you have responded very quickly and so I look to see what you have first when starting a project whether it be a complete template or an element from what you have produced.  Thanks again

Harriet Meyerson

I love your creativity, and it makes sense for people to purchase your templates rather than spend a lot of time making their own. You have created a lot of wonderful motion templates. They are easy to access and use.

Kevin Jones

I've been using Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion now for almost 10 years and have found pre-designed Motion templates can really make a difference in the look of a project. Motion Master Templates are a high-quality, fast and easy way to include Motion elements in any project. Clients love them and so do I. Kevin Jones Producer Jones Media Productions

Light Leak Love
Charlie Duncombe

My time learning from Deyson ( creator of motionmastertemplates.com ) was incredibly valuable. His guidance and tuition is first class and has enabled me to improve and expand my company's product line.

Deyson has a knack for teaching, is patient, clear and most importantly very knowledgable. I look forward to future opportunities to learn from him.

I purchased the Editor’s Tool Kit. I have been working with it and I think it is great. I am impressed with the video tutorials, as well.

The personal touch is very important in to days world :).

I have also operated a small business for 36 years. My son took over last year so now I’ve got time to work and learn FCPX and Motion.

Keep up the excellent work.

Oh! and another plus, is your price range which is affordable for non commercial users.

Larry Souder

Thank you very much for customizing the Rolling Cards effect. It now works great in the project I’m completing for a client.
Your extremely quick response and attention to my request was very much appreciated.
Excellent Customer Service.

Peter Harris
Video Creator

I am happy with the program and your service.

Looking forward to using your program more and having success with it

I truly appreciate your time, talent and gift for creating from nothing.
My creativity kicks in when I see and receive your work.

Thank you for your valuable time and kind support which is absolutely second to none.

Hi Deyson!
I love your work! The templates are really useful and also it’s easy to download (directly in the right folder)! Thx!
Kind regards,

Default Avatar125
Deborah Anderson

Love your products... have for years. I would be lost without Motion Master Templates. I use your templates almost daily and I consider the templates essential for anyone wanting to create quality video products. Thank you 😉

I manage an educational cable channel in Washington DC. We are a very small University operation. Your templates where a great find for me. Learning to use FCP 10 and creating animated opening for 10 programs was a challenge; but your templates will make the process much easier and the end product will be much better than what I could create with my limited post-production skills. Thank You Again!

You are a true artist. Your templates are the best I've come across.
Keep up the great work.

You have so many great templates, I am glad I ran across your company years ago.

Nick Campbell

Keep it up, Deyson. Looks like your busy making cool sh*@!

Guy Cirinelli

All good here. Thanks so much for your awesome work. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to more templates. It makes me look like a master effects editor!

Kind Words By These Amazing Companies...

“Deyson is an expert when it comes to Final Cut Pro & Motion and always adds value to the Final Cut community.”

Leno Porto - Founder of LenoFX

Leno Porto

Founder & CEO at LenoFX.com

“High-quality templates that let you add motion elements to your projects quickly and effortlessly.”

Apple, Inc.

From Apple’s Final Cut Pro Resource Page

“Deyson runs Motion Master Templates with a level of professionalism and integrity that is unsurpassed in the industry.”

Bret Williams

Founder & CEO at BretFX.com

"Motion Master Templates has been a lifesaver for my business."
- Judy

Many professionals have saved money, time, and effort and have wowed their clients, here is what they have to say about Motion Master Templates.

Customer Headshot of Judy Bogad

"Motion Master Templates has been a lifesaver for my business."

Judy Smith Bogad -
Owner of Sequel Images

Monica Bayarri

"Motion Master Templates have been in my library for years and you continue to make the best!!!"

Monica Bayarri - CEO Mev Studios / Digital Agency

Jonas Lantz Hansen - Film editor for Soccer Clubs

"Every editing option is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with."

Jonas Lantz Hansen - Film editor for Soccer Clubs

PHILLIP RAYNES - Instructional Designer / Documentation Specialist

"Service has been great! You definitely care about your customers, great job! Thanks again for all that you do."

PHILLIP RAYNES - Instructional Designer / Documentation Specialist

BRYAN CAMERON - Video Editor

“I love your work and use what I already have a lot. Thank you very much for all you’ve done.”

BRYAN CAMERON - Video Editor

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