Introducing – Philip VanDusen

Philip VanDusen is a good friend and mentor of mine. He is also an amazing designer, consultant, and entrepreneur with over 25 years in the design industry. In this video I want to introduce him to you and also help promote his Brand Design Master Guild. Right now, Philip is offering my community an exclusive …

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A logo design at an affordable price.

This is a service I have used when a project has a low budget or a tight deadline. Many times I also use it as a way to get inspiration for a new logo design. Home

Love & 50 Megatons Making-of

I thought this is a great story of how a small team were able to use Unity and Virtual extensions to make their film: For our Filmakademie graduate short film we had to orchestrate a firework of different techniques: miniatures, matte paintings, greenscreens, on-set live tracking and real-time game engines. In order to finish over …

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Apple Motion: Understanding Clones Tutorial

Another great tutorial by Simon on a basic beginner’s introductory tutorial explaining the use of Clones, when to use them, how to use them, and how to harness their exceptional power.