Slide Show Creator Pro

Template For Final Cut Pro & Motion

Create beautiful, elegant and classy slide shows. Your Slide Creator Pro is Feature rich controls and features to be as creative as you wish.
Control the camera, add floats, bounce to transitions, customize all the colors and plenty of styles controls to play with and much more.

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  • No plugins are needed
  • Resolution 720, 1080
  • Full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to speedy & friendly support
  • Quick and easy to customnize
  • Stock images & music not included
  • Compatible with the latest version of Apple's Final Cut Pro & Motion Software
  • What others think of Slide Show Creator Pro

    I really appreciate Deyson’s work, his creativity and deep knowledge of Motion and FCPX. His templates are always very useful in my videos, and they add a creative dimension very appreciated by my customers.
    I plan to use Slide Show Creator in my next creation.

    Denis Michaud, Director and editor

    Love your customer service!! I absolutely LOVE this new template.

    Rachel Dabbah, Entrepreneur

    I love the Slide Show Creator.
    What you do is very hard and time-consuming and I’m truly thankful.
    You do excellent work!!!

    Rhynell Williams, Editor, Web Designer, Music Producer, Poet

    I’m a long time subscriber and just downloaded your beta Slide Show Creator Pro.
    I really like what I see so far, and I believe this is your most elaborate customization to date

    Russ Herbruck, TV FOX sports/news Photojournalist

    As I become familiar with Slide Show Creator Pro, it appears to be of the same high quality template as the other Motion Master Templates I already use frequently for my clients. Thank you Deyson!

    Debbie White, Owner of Art-Tech Vision
    Apple's Logo

    "High-quality templates that let you add motion elements to your projects quickly and effortlessly."

    From Apple's Final Cut Pro Resource Page

    I haven’t got as quick, perfect and wonderful service as yours ever ! Very grateful to have found your templates

    I love your creativity, and it makes sense for people to purchase your templates rather than spend a lot of time making their own. You have created a lot of wonderful motion templates. They are easy to access and use.

    Ridiculously good FCPX templates at a ridiculously good price! Look forward to seeing more of your creations.

    Deyson, the creator of Motion Master Templates, is a fantastic human being. He and I work in the same industry and I’ve known him for quite some time now. He’s kind and generous with his time and knowledge. He’s one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met.

    I’ve always been impressed with your excellent customer service. It is evident from your included tutorials how much you care about customers having a good experience with your products. You are dedicated to teaching and helping and provide excellent value to us all.

    Thanks. Glad to be on-board.

    These templates are excellent. They are clever and visually attractive and provide many options to customize the look. Effective tutorials describing their features and options are available.

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