Boris FX Particle Illusion – Free Standalone & Premium Plug-in

This is an amazing tool that I have used in the past to create realistic particles.  The great news is the stand-alone application is now free for download.

Download Particle Illusion Standalone and thousands of emitter presets for FREE:

Particle Illusion is an easy-to-use, powerful, 2D particle software. Create photorealistic particle effects for motion graphics, compositing elements for visual effects, lower thirds, titles, and graphic backgrounds.

Available as a free standalone application, a paid premium filter, and as part of the Continuum suite of plug-ins, Particle Illusion is the choice for artists and editors looking to quickly and easily add amazing particle effects to any image, animation or video. Particle Illusion features real-time GPU-based particle generation and a slick, custom user-friendly interface that makes generating motion graphics like sparkles, sparks, smoke, fireworks, and explosions simple.

Drag your mouse around the fully interactive Preview Window, to audition your selected preview in real-time. See particles how they were meant to be seen.

Animate your emitters interactively in the viewer, in the Graph Editor or the Parameter Editor. If manual animation isn’t your thing, add Forces and Deflectors to the scene to guide and bounce your particles. Easily create natural, organic movement in your scene. Download Particle Illusion Standalone for free: