5 Areas of your website that need video ( Video-Recording)

Here is the recording of the webinar I was recently invited to.   I had a great time.  Thank you Trifecta Creative for inviting me.

Your website will be your most effective salesperson. When you add video, you can humanize the online selling experience.

In our third episode, we show you different parts of your website that ABSOLUTELY need a video to properly engage and convert.


  • Learn about chatbots and ways to use video in them
  • See how you can qualify leads in a much more efficient way
  • Know what it takes to build a proper video gallery that measures results
  • Implement the right kinds of video to grow and nurture your online audience


Entrepreneur, Video Specialist and Digital Artist Deyson Ortiz shares best practices on how and where to incorporate video on your website and transform digital interactions.