Mick Guzauski Masterclass on Pop and Funk Mixing [ft. Jamiroquai]

I am a huge fan of watching the Master’s of our industry do their work.

Not only can we learn cool tricks and tips, but we can also see the passion, work, dedication, and attention in detail they put into their creations.

This video caught my eye because I like Jamiroquai’s music and it is nice to see how his music is created.

Mick Guzauski, critically-acclaimed GRAMMY-winning mixer for Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Pharell, Mariah Carey, Chairlift, and more walks us a real working funk/pop mix from the multi-platinum selling artist, Jamiroquai’s latest release. In this detailed mix walkthrough, Mick talks about everything from session setup to mix bus treatment to EQ’ing individual instruments as he dives deep, taking us under the hood on a track-by-track basis. Thanks to Universal Audio, this event (and this video) is free to the public.

You can hear the full track here: