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**Please note that the first part of the webinar introduction was not recorded.
I apologize for the low-quality video. I will work on improving in future webinars.**

About this Q&A video recorded event:

Apple’s Motion software has been around since 2004, but recently it has gathered more popularity for its ease of use, speed, low cost and its tight integration with Final Cut Pro.

I have used Apple’s Motion Software for over 10 years and I am here to share my experience, tips, advice, and secrets on how to become an expert with this powerful animation tool.

Who is this video is for:

If you want to learn about Final Cut Pro’s Motion Design companion tool that is elegant, simple, powerful and is also inexpensive to use.

About Deyson:

I am the owner and creator of Motion Master Templates, an online store for animation templates specifically designed for Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Motion software. I have also been a video editor for over 20+ years and I still love it.

In addition to video editing, I have also been a certified trainer, demo artist, and a creative consultant. I have also worked remotely for the last 5 years.

Have questions about Apple’s Motion Software? Join me live and ask me anything about Motion.

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